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Theophany They Watched As Their Son's Thumb Miraculously Healed Itself Before Their Eyes! Read More


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Life After Death


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Proving God with Numbers
Why Donald Trump Was Elected

Is God Real? Yes! And I Will Prove It To You!

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I will show you through this site and draw on some other examples to prove to you that God is real!

How you might ask? Through my own experience of God and His divinely guiding hand, and also through some irrefutable proofs that God is real!

I wrote this site with that goal in mind, so everything that you read on this site has in some way been designed to prove to you that God is real!

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God Knows the Future Before We Do.

In this image I will show you where God gave me the idea to start a business based on investing in the stock market.

The business would have been launched in mid-2011. Look at what happened in the NZ stock market since then. It has basically been in a straight line up since 2012.

God knew this would happen!

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My Experience of God

I wrote an introduction and summary which summarises my experience of God and why I believe that God is real, based on my own direct experiences of him. Perhaps one of the best proofs of Him is that I have communicated directly with Him, and you can read about that here.

As a Christian, I also believe that this is the one true God, and you can read about why I became a Christian here. I have also written an article (read here) about why I believe that Christianity is the one true religion!

In addition to this, I have provided other external resources on this site including links to other Christian resources, including a link on "creationism" which I think is a very well written article.

Short Stories On...

Top 7 Messages from God:

Here are the top 7 messages that I have received from God:

1. Divine Inspiration - A full business plan - divinely inspired from God

2. Talking With God - God got me to ask Him a question!

3. Revelation 22 - The final chapter of the entire Bible

4. God's Fingerprints! - The hidden hand of God at work in our everyday lives

5. Life After Death - 4 messages from God about Tim's final destiny

6. Hong Kong - Part II of "Divine Inspiration" above - specific details

7. Ordered Steps - God's hidden hand at work again, ordering our steps!


Many people who do not believe in a God have not bothered to do any research and simply dismiss the idea out of hand as a mere fiction and creation of the mind. This is sad because there is alot of supporting evidence out there if one chooses to look! You just have to spend the time and approach it with an open heart and mind, ready to receive any wisdom and information as it is presented to you.

With that in mind, I have presented a number of supporting books which I believe support the idea that Christianity is the one true religion (including its predecessor, Judaism), and provide "proofs" that God is real indeed!

Miracles: These are tangible proofs that God is real, and still actively involved in our everyday lives.


If you'd like some recommendations on reading material, I can highly recommend that you read "Theophany" by Garth Murray, which includes several modern-day actual physical miracles, (one that happened in front of their eyes). Click Here to Read My Book Review of Theophany - The Prayer of Garth. In addition, there are many other books besides which provide first-hand accounts of visits to heaven, and other manifestations of God's divine hand working seeming miracles in peoples lives!

Questions or Comments:

If you have any questions or comments regarding this website, or any other questions regarding God and Christianity, feel free to get in touch with me here.

Good luck with your journey and God Bless!

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Proving God with Numbers

Proving God with Numbers

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Why Donald Trump Was Elected

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