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Theophany: The Prayer of Garth Book Review

By Steve Moxham

To start out, this is probably one of the most amazing testimonies of God's power to transform someone's life that I have read.

It's a modern day 'Job' story, starting off with the author Garth Murray on his death bed, in the midst of a series of trials of which God forewarned him about. It all began with a simple prayer in the heat of the moment when his nearly two-year old son Seth got his thumb jammed in a door by his older brother Ethan.

Not knowing what to do, Garth made a simple prayer to God in the heat of the moment. Though he didn't know it then, that simple prayer would transform their lives forever!

Following the miraculous healing of his son's thumb right in front of their eyes, this miracle healing led Garth to put his whole life in God's hands and see where it took him. What follows is a rollercoaster of events that completely transformed their lives through a series of 6 trials and tribulations!

The books guiding focus is about showing God's guiding hand and ability to transform someone's life when you place your whole trust and faith in God to control your life. Garth calls that the power of surrender. God completely transformed Garth's life by nearly taking everything away from him, even his life, but restored it to him many times over!

Following a near-bankruptcy, Garth began to receive dreams and visions of him designing and building audio speakers - something he knew nothing about, but now the only thing he was able to do! His former life as an air traffic controller was taken away from him with his near death bed sickness and resulting loss of memory.

"Theophany", the loud speaker business is born through God's divinely inspired visions that enabled Garth to rebuild his life and a new business. These award-winning speakers now grace the ears of anybody who wishes to hear music and sound "as God intended".

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Proving God with Numbers, Second Edition

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