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God Know's The Future Before We Do. Here's Proof:

Divine Inspiration


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Miracle Healing In Front of Their Eyes!

Theophany They Watched As Their Son's Thumb Miraculously Healed Itself Before Their Eyes! Read More


Life After Death

Four Messages from God

Life After Death


Signs From God


Words & Messages


Trump's 777th Day in Office
12 Weeks: Abraham & Genesis



  • GoForex.net - The site which I founded in 2004 and sold in October, 2013.


Religious Interest:

  • Akiane Gallery - A child prodigy born to an agnostic and an atheist who visited Heaven, and then painted several images of Jesus Christ. Her book is available here.

  • Christian Answers - A great article on creationism and many more articles on vexing questions about God, evolution, the Bible and life itself!

  • The Temple Institute - A site dedicated to the rebuilding of a third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Donate and get your name on the official donor's wall!

  • Koinonia House - A wealth of biblical information, studies, and books including the popular "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours" series from well known Bible study teachers Chuck and Nancy Missler. The Misslers shifted to New Zealand, acquiring The River Lodge in April 2010.

  • In Plain Site - An interesting site with alot of information.

  • Blue Letter Bible - Search the Bible online in many different translations, including commentaries, study tools and more!


  • MRC Aviation - A roundup of movements and developments on the New Zealand aviation scene.

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Proving God with Numbers

Proving God with Numbers

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Why Donald Trump Was Elected

Donald Trump Israel Seven

Pentecost & The Feast of Weeks

The Garden Tomb


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A Sign From God

"12 Weeks" on a trip to Israel.

777 Days in Office

March 7, 2019 will be Donald Trump's 777th day in office.

Proving God with Numbers

My new book, available in paperback or Kindle.


Divine Alignment
by SQuire Rushnell

by Garth Murray

The Feasts of Israel
by Dr. Chuck Missler

Discovering the City of Sodom
by Dr. Steven Collins

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The Temple Institute:

Western Wall Israel

Rebuild the third Jewish Temple!


'Prince of Peace' by Akiane Kramarik

"Prince of Peace", as painted by a then 8-year old Akiane Kramarik, based on her visits to heaven, and modeled on a real-life carpenter! More Pictures