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We hadn't been home more than ten minutes when there was an incredibly loud, very shrill scream from one of the bedrooms. The children would often shout or scream without causing any reaction from either of us as we were quite used to the noise they made. But the instant this scream started I knew it was different. It was the type of scream that instantly elevates the pulse and blood pressure and causes the adrenalin to flow. Something innate in me as a parent told me this was real and something was very wrong. I ran quickly to see what was going on. The screaming didn't stop but got louder as I approached the bedroom door.

I looked in and saw Seth, who was nearly two years old, lying on the floor clasping his right hand with his left. His right thumb had been in the hinge at the back of the door just as Ethan pushed it closed. As the house was brand new all the door edges were sharp and the hinges were strong as the doors were made of Australian hardwood. Seth's thumb had been positioned vertically inside the back edge of the door and had been squashed along its length rather than from side to side. It was not flat as if it had been jammed between the door and the frame; instead there was a crease running along the length of his thumb.

It must have got caught between the outside edge of the door and the door surround. I thought as I took a quick glance at it that at the very least it was broken, as the knuckle seemed to be very misshapen. Even the nail had folded back on itself and had a crease running up its length.

I picked up Seth and carried him to Stephanie. The entire time Seth continued to scream until there was no air left in his lungs and then he would take a breath and scream again.

I realized very quickly there was very little I could do for him as ice and Panadol were about my limits when it came to medical help. It was only an hour ago or so since I had been speaking on faith, and here I was being challenged to use the very thing I had spoken about. Stephanie and I held our helpless little boy. My heart was breaking. No parent wants to see their child in such pain. I felt totally helpless, I was sure Stephanie felt the same. I had nothing to give; all I could do was pray. So from the bottom of my heart I spoke a simple prayer to God, "God there is nothing I can do. I give this to you to do as you will."

Over the next few seconds we both watched fascinated as Seth's thumb re-formed right before our eyes. The knuckle swelled out and went back to its normal color. The nail did the same. Even though I had just spoken about faith at the service, this was absolutely amazing. Seth began to wriggle restlessly so Stephanie put him down on the floor and he immediately ran away and played as if nothing had happened. We looked at each other, astonished. I believed in healing but to see one of our children healed in such a dramatic way was truly remarkable.

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission by Garth Murray from the book "Theophany".

By Garth Murray, Sep 16, 2017

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