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It had happened the day we traveled to VaBeach VA to be on the 700 Club. Louise and I were very uncharacteristically seated apart ... in the last seats available on the plane ... seven rows separating us.

I decided to use the time when I couldn't open my computer to pray for my wonderful wife ... an issue which had just literally "popped up" ... a growth on her hand, at the base of her thumb, which appeared like a bone pushing up from beneath the skin, protruding a quarter of an inch.

I knew it bothered Louise. It was unsightly. Probably embarrassing for a lovely woman.

I prayed for four or five minutes, asking God to remove it. Then, put it out of mind.

Only as we walked through the airport upon arriving at Norfolk did she comment that the funniest thing had happened; the new growth on her hand became very itchy and after three or four minutes she watched it disappear! She only wished she'd taken "before and after" pictures.

Watch the interview below that Squire and Louise were heading to when the miracle happened, and hear them speak about it on the 700 Club: (Starts at 5:40)

Editor's Note: Squire Rushnell is the author of the "Godwink" series of books.

By Squire Rushnell, Sep 4, 2017

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