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Life After Death

The Godwink Effect

In this short story, I will show you how God has a way of proving to us that He is here! By combining two stories into one, He let me know that my communication with Him over six years earlier was real, and He confirmed it in no uncertain terms!

Jul 5, 2017:

Today I laid down to continue reading a new book which had just been released today called "The Godwink Effect: 7 Secrets to God's Signs, Wonders, and Answered Prayers", by Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt. I was still in chapter one, and had just read a story about Ted Harris - a man who had lost his wife one year earlier, and was struggling with her passing. He had put her into Hospice on December 24 (Christmas Eve), and she had died the next day. He was struggling with the fact that he had put her into Hospice on the eve of her favourite holiday - Christmas.

As I was about to continue reading the final part of his story, I suddenly felt compelled to check my iPhone. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do or be looking for, but I pressed the "Home" button to bring up the log in screen and up flashed the time: 12:50 PM. I couldn't believe it! God had got me to check my phone at the exact time which had become a very important number to me over six years earlier.

You see, back in early January 2011, God had come to me and got me to ask Him a question about what my website was worth to a company that should have bought it over a year earlier. The outcome of that one and only direct one-to-one conversation I have ever directly had with God was that my website business was worth US$1.25 million to the company that should have bought it.

The way it was delivered to me was this. I started at a sum of US$550,000, and went up in $100,000 increments until He stopped me at US$1,250,000. However, when I got to that final figure, I said "12-50", not "$1,250,000". So it was delivered to me as "Twelve-fifty". That's why when I turned on my phone and saw this number staring at me, it made such an impact on me! However, that's not the only reason why this number was so important.

The last email (click to view) that I received from Internet Brands in the acquisition process who wanted to acquire my website, came at exactly 12:50PM - the very same number which God had told me my website was worth to them! I didn't actually discover this fact until several years after this email was sent to me!

But that didn't explain why God compelled me to look at my iPhone at exactly 12:50PM while in the middle of reading the story about Ted Harris and his wife.

And then it hit me. Ted put his wife into Hospice care on the 24th of December - the very same day that I had received the last email from Internet Brands in the acquisition process at 12:50PM on December 24!

So what was God trying to do? Tie together two stories that let me know that I am hearing God correctly and doing his will, even in the smallest of details!

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