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May 29, 2010:

I discovered only while putting this timeline together in early Jan 2013, that it was exactly 7 weeks to the day (one of God's numbers) from getting the idea to visit Israel that I departed New Zealand. (Saturday 10th April - Saturday 29th May.)

I left for Israel on what was the Sabbath Day. (6 days of work to be followed by 1 day of rest). It was also approximately 6 years to the day that I launched my website. (6 years of work to be followed by 1 year of rest). A complete cycle.

I was also 33 years old at the time of visiting Israel - the same age that Christ died.

To me, this is the hand of God working. Leaving his fingerprints on all things so you know that it is He that has done these things. It wasn't until I looked back that I could see all His handywork in action!

I arrived into my hotel at 2am on May 31 - just two and a half hours before the Gaza flotilla raid by the Israeli Defense Forces, which killed 9 Turks.

As it happened, I left Israel for New Zealand on June 15, 2010, one year to the day that Tim was killed.

Photo Gallery:

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  • Israel via HK

    Business class to Israel via Hong Kong!

  • Mt. of Olives

    Where Jesus stayed and ascended to heaven from.

  • Garden of Gethsemane

    Where Jesus spent his final few hours before being arrested.

  • Jesus's Birthplace

    The place of Jesus's birth in Bethlehem.

  • Herod's Family Tomb

    Herod's family tomb in Jerusalem.

  • Mt. Sodom

    Near to the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Herod's Palace

    Herod the Great's palace at Masada.

  • Simon the Tanner

    The house of Simon the Tanner in Jaffa.

  • Mary's Tomb

    Mary's tomb, mother of Jesus, in Jerusalem.

  • The Garden Tomb

    A potential location for Jesus's tomb in Jerusalem.

  • Capernaum

    Jesus's home town of Capernaum.

  • St. Peter's House

    The House of St. Peter in Capernaum.

  • Gulf of Aqaba

    The Gulf of Aqaba in Eilat, Southern Israel.

  • Sea of Galilee

    Looking down to the Sea of Galilee near Chorazim.

  • Caesarea

    Built by Herod the Great in 25-13BC.

  • Old City, Jerusalem

    Walking through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem.

  • Hezekiah's Tunnel

    Hezekiah's Tunnel under the City of David near Jerusalem.

  • Western Wailing Wall

    The Western Wailing Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


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