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May 23, 2010:

Having flown business class to Singapore previously, I was reluctant to buy economy class tickets to Israel, but, having not sold my website 5 months prior, I felt the prudent thing to do would be to purchase economy tickets instead. So on May 8 I reluctantly purchased economy class tickets to Israel, even though I wasn't happy about it! God knew this, and then did something about it as He often does!

I couldn't justify paying the NZ$13,500 return business class airfare to Israel, but I awoke early on the morning of May 23 and decided to buy business class tickets anyway.

The very next day on May 24 I booked the tickets and at the same time started monitoring a new client account that had started trading at the foreign exchange broker I am affiliated with. I had no contact with this trader before he signed up, nor afterwards, and he was only known to me by an account number that appeared in my online back office and started earning me trading commissions.

Over the course of the next 7 days, this one trader earned me NZ$7,000 in trading commissions (nearly US$5,000 at the time), over NZ$12,000 in two weeks, and NZ$15,000 over the course of the following month, including earning me US$2,000 (NZ$3,000) in one day! That day represents anywhere from $80 - $800 million in volume traded depending on his/her commission rate. In total, more than enough to cover the cost of my tickets to Israel. And all from one trader!

By stepping out in faith, God provided what was required for me to pay for my new business class tickets to Israel!

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