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Jan 5, 2011:

Changed company name to "Mantis Capital Investments Limited" to reflect the new business. Spent $20,000 on getting a legal opinion and registering trade marks in the U.S./U.K./H.K./Canada and New Zealand. Howbeit, only Hong Kong was given to me in the divine inspiration gift from above. It was interesting that I had visited Hong Kong for the first time nearly 7 months earlier on my first trip to Israel, having the opportunity to take a train into town during a 9-hour layover in the city.

Although New Zealand wasn't specifically mentioned, it was given that I would start the business there, create the model, and then export it to Hong Kong at some point in the future once the business was up and running. I would use KPMG as my accountants and ASB Securities as my execution platform.

So why Hong Kong? Though I am only speculating as to the reason why, just like God had positioned me in the foreign exchange market at a time when the retail market was growing at a huge pace, I also believe that the Chinese growth story has many years of growth ahead of it. Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to be able to take advantage of that growth rate.

Update: August 5, 2014: Hong Kong and China have announced a plan to link up the H.K. and Shanghai Stock Exchanges to allow cross-border equities trading, boosting trading volumes on both exchanges and allowing Hong Kong investors to invest in mainland Chinese stocks. The plan was announced on April 10, 2014 and is due to take effect in October, 2014.

Note: Some of you may notice that the original date of this entry (Jan 5, 2011) and the day of the update (Aug 5, 2014) are the same day - the 5th. This got me to thinking what the difference was between those two dates. And for those that don't know it is exactly 3 years and 7 months to the day! The funny thing was is that I was planning on making this update above around 3-4 days prior to this but for some reason it didn't feel like I was allowed to. That was until I woke up on Tuesday the 5th of August and it suddenly felt that I could! It wasn't until later that I saw that the dates of the days matched up and that it was exactly 3 years and 7 months between the two entries. Why is that relevant? What it shows me is that God is in control of times and timing, and that He is the one in control of this site and my life!

Nov 17: Hong Kong - Shanghai Stock Connect Launches November 17, 2014

Aside from that though, there would have been people to meet, and a path laid out by God aforehand for me to follow. The name which I came up with almost 7 months earlier was perfect for my new business idea, even though I didn't know it when I came up with it!

Update: December 5, 2016: New Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect launches today!

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