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Life After Death

Healed from Diabetes and Hepatitis C

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It was during this initial development time while I was out in the workshop making the first pair of speakers that I had another anointing directly from God. “You will get a speech therapist. She is a young Christian lady and she needs your help more than you need hers.”

I was astonished. For starters I had no idea what a speech therapist was and, secondly, what help could I give anyone? I wrote this down word for word on a piece of wood I had handy and placed it on top of one of the cupboards. It wasn’t until two years later that I saw this piece of wood again.

Eventually, ACC accepted there had been some medical misadventure and they sought to help me rehabilitate. It was decided I should receive the help of a speech therapist to regain some direction in my life. Sarah was incredible, introducing method back into both our lives. She identified areas of deficiency and helped plan ways around them.

During this time Stephanie and I employed a new worker to help build the speakers. One morning Jason came up to me with the piece of wood and asked, “What is this all about?” I’d forgotten all about the anointing until I read it again. I was amazed because I now had a speech therapist, Sarah a young Christian lady just as God had said. She had become very good friends with us.

Only two days later we had a phone call from her. Sarah was on the line sounding very distressed. She asked if she could come and see me as soon as possible. I told her she was welcome any time so she came straight away. Less than half an hour later Sarah arrived at the door in tears. We knew she had not been well, but did not know what was wrong.

“I have just been to the doctor for tests and found out that I have diabetes and hepatitis C,” she sobbed. “There is no cure for either, I don’t know what to do.” I then explained that only two days ago Jason had found the prophecy I had put on the top of the cupboard. “I believe that God wants me to pray for you,” I said.

Stephanie and I laid hands on Sarah and prayed for her healing. She left after an hour or so feeling a little better, especially after hearing about the prophecy on the piece of wood.

About a week later we received a phone call from her. She had just been back to the doctor and there seemed to be nothing wrong with her. All symptoms of the illness had gone.

Editor's Note: Reprinted with permission by Garth Murray from the book "Theophany".

By Garth Murray, Sep 28, 2017

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