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Miracle Healing In Front of Their Eyes!

Theophany They Watched As Their Son's Thumb Miraculously Healed Itself Before Their Eyes! Read More


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Life After Death


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Trump's 777th Day in Office
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My friend starts telling me about biblical prophecy and introduces me to some home study courses on the book of Daniel and Revelation. The accuracy of the prophecies was eye opening, and really ignited my interest and belief that God must be real. Prior to this I hadn't followed on with any biblical study or even belief. It was while at a Christian camp in 1987 when I was 10 years old that me and a friend asked God to save us. It wasn't until eight years later that my belief was rekindled.

Both my parents were raised in Christian households, and our own upbringing was limited to a few years of Sunday School, some Christian camps, and the weekly religious instructions class in primary school!

I would later go on to self study and categorise the New Testament into topics, rewriting it out onto computer, thereby committing many of the verses to memory with the help of the Holy Spirit through which many scriptures are often brought back to mind.

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." - Romans 10:13

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Proving God with Numbers

Proving God with Numbers

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Why Donald Trump Was Elected

Donald Trump Israel Seven

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A Sign From God

"12 Weeks" on a trip to Israel.

777 Days in Office

March 7, 2019 will be Donald Trump's 777th day in office.

Proving God with Numbers

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