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Life After Death

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Theophany: The Prayer of Garth

Miracle Healing - Before their eyes!

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Jun 26, 2009:

The following message had its beginning two days earlier when Dad decided to ask God about Tim's final destiny. Tim was our youngest brother of five children.

By way of a background to the following story, Dad considered the two years he spent flying tourists into and out of Milford Sound and the Fiordland area with "Southern Scenic Air Services" between 1962-64, as the most enjoyable of his 40-year professional flying career. Milford Sound is served by road and air most of the time, however, the weather can and often does close it off to air travel, and in Winter, the road to Milford Sound can be closed due to snowfall. (View Pic) The road trip from Queenstown to Milford Sound takes around 4 hours. I will let him finish the story in his own words:

"That night I awoke in complete darkness (no window in my room) with a message in front of me that was typed on a strip of paper, which later on, I recognised as being similar to the 'fortune cookie' strip I had received the night previously. All it said, quite simply, was that 'The Road to Milford Sound is Open'.

I puzzled about this strange message, which had no resemblance to any thing I had dreamed that night - if in fact I had dreamed at all, so, well, it just puzzled me.........Then I thought about Milford Sound, where I had once spent several weeks at the Milford Hotel as it then was in the 1960s, at the time of the summer season where my job was to fly guests from the airstrip on various scenic flights or wherever they wished to go.

For the whole time I was there, the weather was absolutely perfect. I would get up early in the cool of the morning and make sure that my aircraft was ready to fly immediately after breakfast. 'The most beautiful scenic flights in the world' and similar claims - how people would declare the scenery at Milford Sound. As being 'out of this world.'

As early as 100 years ago, some described it as a 'Paradise.' With sudden amazement I translated the message as 'The road to Paradise is open'.

Turning over I looked at the illuminated alarm clock - only 3.32am! Suddenly it hit me - perhaps 10 minutes ago I had become aware of the strange message and this brought the time back to about 3.20 am. This was the time in NZ when Tim had died (instantly it seems) and in the U.S at that time it was 11.20am."

This would be the first of four messages we would receive from God about how Tim is.

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