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Jun 25 2009:

My older brother, David returned to the UK today. He happened to be visiting New Zealand from England at the time of the accident, and arrived at my Mother's place just the day before the accident occurred.

That night, the day before me and Dad were due to return to New Zealand, we decided to have Chinese takeaways for dinner. We had to walk 20 minutes or so over the highway from our motel and down to the shopping centre near Whitmore Lake, MI. Along with our meal from the China Garden restaurant came two complimentary fortune cookies!

When we got back to our motel, we ate our meal and proceeded to open our fortune cookies! Dad's one read, "It is given to you to discern higher truths". If he'd got my fortune cookie, it would have been a different story!

The meaning of this statement would become clear the following day, and was related to a prayer Dad had made a day earlier about Tim's final destiny.

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