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Dec 24, 2009: (Christmas Eve)

Received email from our U.S. lawyer about a dream she had about Tim (View Pic) the previous night. A Christmas message. She had never met Tim before and didn't know that he was an avid coffee buff who had taken coffee classes with his girlfriend, whose favourite website was a coffee website, and who was planning to roast his own coffee beans along with other things related to coffee!

Her Email:

"P.S. I had a dream about Tim last night! (It seemed so real). I saw a helicopter coming towards my house and I saw Tim wave to me, I waved back and he landed the helicopter in the field next to my house. He turned the helicopter off and joined a picnic I was having with alot of people that I didn't recognize. He sat down and seemed to know everyone there, he asked me for a cup of coffee, but as I was bringing it out my alarm clock went off! The dream seemed very real and special. He looked real happy, handsome, slender, healthy and very self assured. Was Tim a coffee drinker? I remember offering him an assortment of cold drinks (it was a hot day) and thinking that it was strange that he was the only one at the party who wanted a hot coffee)! Anyway, that was my dream, who knows where all this comes from!"

In a subsequent email she replied: "I almost didn't mention the coffee part of my dream, but I had this nagging feeling that there was some significance to it - probably so you'd know for sure that the message was from Tim. I can't believe he even visited a coffee website and took coffee classes!!!"

That concluded in total, 3 different messages we received from God in one way or another, about how Tim is! When he died, we didn't know what he believed, and although we found out he was attending church, and occasionally dragging his girlfriend and her kids along to church when they weren't feeling like going, we weren't really sure what his personal beliefs were. Nor do we know what he might have said to God in the last few moments of his life. So this gave us great comfort!

"And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." - Luke 23:42-43

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