God Knows the Future Before We Do;

And Sometimes He Will Tell Us What That Is!

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By Steve Moxham
April 20, 2016

Some time ago on December 26, 2010, the day after Christmas Day, I was sitting outside on a rock enjoying the sun when all of a sudden I felt something come down above my head and down into my body. Immediately I knew exactly what it was!

I had received a divinely inspired business idea from heaven! As soon as it came into my body, I knew everything about the business from go-to-whoa, including the concept, details about where I would take the business and two exit strategies for selling the business.

The fact that there was a physical component to receiving this information that it came from outside my body, let me know that this idea came from God, and not myself.

Further to that though was the fact that I knew everything about the business all at once, instantly, which is not how your brain normally works!

This was a pretty amazing experience for me and not one that I have encountered since, although I don’t rule out it ever happening again. You can read more details about this divinely inspired experience here: Click to Read...

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