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Mar 1995: (Approx.)

Bought my first shares in a company aged 18. The company I bought shares in was founded by Sir Robert Jones, a man who Dad used to fly for just after the 1987 stock market crash. (View Pic) They in fact arrived back from flight training in the U.K. on the day of the 1987 stockmarket crash! (View Pic)

I would later go on to try and set up my own private jet charter operation, South Jet in 2009 based in Queenstown, but for various reasons, this didn't get off the ground - literally! Despite NZ having the highest sales of any of Lufthansa Private Jet's 300 worldwide offices in 20091, albeit in a different part of the world! Described by the Lufthansa Private Jet salesman as the 'story of the century'!

The "South Jet" name would later be used by the 2012 film "Flight" starring Denzel Washington in which a fictitious flight crashes.

1. New Zealand Corporate Traveller Magazine, Pages 66-67, Summer 2009.

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