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Prayer Requests - March 2017

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Submitted by Amrita on March 27, 2017:
I am not physically sound there is something wrong with me. My feet are swollen up. I am 28 years please pray.
Submitted by (Name Withheld) on March 25, 2017:
Please pray for my 52 year old husband who is having extra marital affairs with a 29 year old woman by the name of Sherene, that the holy spirit would change his heart and that he will give his life to christ before its to late. Please pray that this woman will find a husband of her own and that my marriage can be restored. I am feeling very unhappy about this situation.

My husband also told me I should not have a problem if she is with him. He also told me that man wrote the bible and the part about adultery man write that that did not come from god.

He said the only sin is if a person kill many times the other things are just petty things. My husband needs help. Our 8 year old daughter has decided to give her life to christ and here I am teaching her about the love of god but yet my husband is saying different stuff in front of her. Lord I am crying out to you as a wife for deliverance, strength and courage to go through this storm with my husband.

Submitted by Theodosia on March 19, 2017:
My prayer request is to be healed from HIV positive and to have money to fulfill my life. To get a good position in my work that is promotion
Submitted by Misheck on March 19, 2017:
Hi I want you to pray for me due to my unemployment, I need God to either give me a job or just help me start my own business. I know through your prayers and blessings something somewhere must obey and change my life for good.

I have been looking for the job since last last January but because of corruptions we have in Africa I can not find any but through your prayers and blessings I know something will happen very soon and I shall be called an ex-loser in Jesus name.

I do not have qualified results but I still believe there is nothing impossible with God. THANK YOU AND I AM WAITING PATIENTLY FOR A MIRACLE TO HAPPEN IN JESUS NAME.

Submitted by Martha on March 19, 2017:
Please pray for my daughter, who is studying in Narobi Kenya. She is going through a lot of challenges, disfavor, demonic dreams, depression, financial challenges. Please also prayer for her against untimely death. In Jesus name
Submitted by Deba on March 9, 2017:
Please pray for me so that i can prepare well for my SSC exam which is next month n pass with good marks ...
Submitted by Marlene on March 9, 2017:
Dear all,

My prayer request is for my husband. He is unemployed since 2010. We have 3 daughters and it is very stressful to raise them on 1 salary. My husband loves the Lord and we have leadership roles in the kingdom. I just want him to get a full time job or God to open doors for a business.

Please pray for us. Things were really bad a few years back after 2010, we did not receive water and the electricity was disconnected. We sorted out by the grace of Jesus but now we just need employment in his life.

God bless - Thank you

Submitted by Moses on March 9, 2017:
Praise be to God.

My marriage is on the rocks. My wife has not spoken to me for the last almost one month.

The problem is she is the sole breadwinner in the house since I am not working. All my contracts have stagnated. We also have big issues over her obsession with Facebook and WhatsApp and receiving strange calls from men.

I humbly request you to pray for the restoration of our marriage. My wife has stopped loving me yet I love her so much and would hate to live without her. I am even having suicidal thoughts.

Kindly also pray for me to get a substantive job to enable me take care of her instead of vice versa.

Thank you and God Bless you!

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