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Prayer Requests - February 2018

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Submitted by Charles (Kenya) on February 27, 2018:
We have passing through difficult situations in my community especially the youth who are engaged in criminal activities eg killing people for money violence, involved in drug taking due to poverty & many cases of rape . This real touches me because i do not have peace & no development agenda can be realized in my community if the situation is not controlled .

Its to create ample environment by gathering the youth in my community to sensitize on behavioral changes & engage them on small scale business & developmental actives like forming youth groups to establish farming , games & other job creation activities with the community. This will help them stop down evil activities with the society

Submitted by Kany on February 26, 2018:
I lost everything, can't afford even to pay rent. Im in alot of deabts, can't pay for my child school fees. I dont even have food in the house. I need business and a car and a house. Tired of renting
Submitted by Elvira on February 16, 2018:
Pray for my partner Margel, to found a good job....

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Proving God with Numbers

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