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Israel Itinerary - Jan 14-28, 2019

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Note: This story appears in chapter 9 of my new book, "Proving God with Numbers, Second Edition", available now!

On October 20, 2018, God again put it in my heart to book a trip to Israel.

As with previous trips, I have decided to let God create the itinerary for this trip, by waiting until He inspires me with any aspect of it, before writing it down or making a booking.

I will update this page as and when God inspires me with any new aspect of this trip to write down.

Update: 12/1/19:

Exactly 12 weeks to the day since God inspired this trip, I discovered something interesting! On Saturday, January 12, 2019, I decided to look up the weekly Torah portion that the Jews begin reading every Sabbath day. On the day that God inspired this trip to Israel, this was the weekly Torah portion:

Parashat Lech-Lecha - (Genesis 12:1 - 17:27) - October 20, 2018:

"Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:" - Genesis 12:1

"Lech-Lecha" is the word for "go" or "leave".

I discovered this on January 12, or 12/1 as the date is written in New Zealand! This is the same number as the verse reference in Genesis 12:1!

Amazingly, the weekly Torah portion that begins on Saturday January 12, 2019, is also named by the Hebrew word for "go"! (Parashat Bo - Exodus 10:1 - 13:16)

So the two Torah portions, separated by exactly 12 weeks, are both named by the Hebrew words for "go" or "come".

This story has now been added to my article on Israel & The Number 7.

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019



14/1/19: Queenstown - Auckland NZ614 @ 9:35AM
14/1/19: Auckland - Hong Kong CX198 @ 3:00PM
15/1/19: Hong Kong - Tel Aviv CX675 @ 1:10AM - Arr. 6:55AM 15/1/19


28/1/19: Tel Aviv - Hong Kong CX676 @ 2:30PM
Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong - 29/1/19 - 29/1/19
29/1/19: Hong Kong - Auckland CX113 @ 9:25PM - Arr. 1:30PM 30/1/19
30/1/19: Auckland - Queenstown NZ631 @ 3:40PM


Jerusalem - Jan 15-19: King David Hotel
Jericho - Jan 19-23: Oasis Hotel
Be’er Sheva - Jan 23-24: Leonardo Hotel
Nazareth - Jan 24-25: Golden Crown Hotel
Tiberias - Jan 25-27: Scots Hotel
Tel Aviv - Jan 27-28: Market House Hotel


  • Nazareth
  • - Mt. Precipice
    - Mt. Tabor
    - Mensa Christi Church

  • Jerusalem
  • - Davidson Centre & Park
    - Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    - Mt. of Olives
    - Pools of Bethesda
    - Hinnom Valley
    - Western Wall
    - Mary's Tomb
    - Garden Tomb
    - Temple Mount

  • Jericho
  • - Wadi Qelt
    - Ein Gedi
    - Ein Prat Spring
    - Mt. of Temptation
    - Tel es-Sultan
    - Dead Sea
    - Masada
    - Ein es-Sultan

  • Nablus
  • - Sebastia
    - Jacob's Well

  • Tiberias
  • - Mt. of the Beatitudes
    - Capernaum
    - Mt. Carmel
    - Caesarea
    - Beit She'an
    - Ein Tabgha

  • Bethlehem
  • - Herodion
    - Church of the Nativity

  • Hebron
  • - Tomb of the Patriarchs

  • Tel Aviv
  • - Jaffa

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Proving God with Numbers, Second Edition

Proving God with Numbers, Second Edition

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