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Oct 16, 2013:

The goforex.net domain name was successfully transferred to the new owner on October 11, 2013, 7 days after receiving and accepting their offer. Likewise, the transaction to complete the sale took 7 days, opening on October 9 and closing on October 16, with the proceeds from the sale released and received to my bank account on the same day.

The funds arrived in my account at 1:25PM while I was in the midst of performing another online transaction. This is the same number which God showed me my site was worth to Internet Brands around a year after they offered me 1/3 of His valuation. ($1.25M or $1250k) Click here. Was that a coincidence, or just another way of God showing me that he has his hand on all things? I'll let you decide!

The completion of the sale and transfer occurred on December 3, 2013, exactly 2 months to the day that I was approached by 3 prospective buyers on one day out of the blue on October 3, 2013 - one of whom went on to purchase the site. When God moves, He moves quickly!

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