GoForex.net Beginnings

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May, 2004:

Spent $40 setting up and launching the website. The only money I had at the time was a forthcoming $160 tax rebate made from charitable donations in the last financial year. The site was formed out of a need to help traders learn the information that I wanted to learn when I was first discovering the foreign exchange market.

Most of the information was scattered on numerous websites, and the FX brokers seemed more interested in getting you as a client rather than helping you learn about the forex market. So I simply put the information on the site that I wanted to learn when I was first learning about the forex market.

The site would go on to be #1 in Google worldwide for many popular forex search terms from 2007-2011 with referred clients trading up to $400 million in trading volume per month, booming through the greatest financial downturn since the Great Depression. The site would receive up to and over 40,000 unique visitors per month and go on to earn over $40,000 profit in one month in February 2009.

2009 Financial Statements

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