Meeting John Key

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October 29, 2008:

Heard that John Key would be in Queenstown today. As he was a former currency trader, I went over to see if I could meet him. I sat down on a park bench about 10-15 metres away from where they were mingling and he spotted me sitting down and walked over to have a chat. He asked me about my website so I gave him my business card and he said he would check it out! John Key was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand, 10 days later.

As it happens, one of, if not the first person I reached out to in relation to seeking content for my site on July 1, 2004, was the Los Angeles based owner of an FX asset management firm who happened to be a currency trader at Standard Chartered in Los Angeles while John Key was a trader at Bankers Trust in Auckland. I wouldn't know it until 6 years later, but they became friends back in 1988 and, according to my contact, used to throw around "a lot" of Dollar/Mark (USD/DEM) together during their time zone. They both left for London at around the same time.

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